I’m Natasha — an architect and designer based in Naarm (Melbourne, Australia). I work with small businesses and individuals to develop honest brand stories and engaging visual identities.
            Through Somewhere—Something, I help people and brands build a visual language and tell their stories, to create a healthier and kinder world. As a design practice, we aim to influence and inform the environments we inhabit, online and off, shaping who we are and how we live.

Background —

As a registered architect I practised in the building industry, crafting spatial environments, for over 10 years. I’ve worked with several influential design practices on award-winning residential, commercialinstitutional and infrastructural projects.
            I am interested in the agency of our environments in understanding the complexities of habitation and consumption, and their part in shaping our individual narratives, identities and memories.
            My architectural training as a creative mediator has enabled me to refine an approach to design thinking in the real world, bringing together emotional currency and different forms of knowledge to my current work with brands and visual identities.

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