First Look

Founded by Shefali Roy and Kiran Sharma in London, First Look are a unique brand of venture capitalists, committed to inspiring positive impacts within society and our world at large.

Built around a wholistically linked eco-system of support, First Look focus on investing in entrepreneurs building technology in finance, health, property and the future of work,  who inherently have a different way of looking at our world.

With a fundamental belief in the relatively untapped yet enormous potential, that women and diverse entrepreneurs possess, First Look aim to bridge the economic access gap that so many innovators and businesses face in this sector.

Driven by similar goals, entrepreneurs and investors both have a strong desire to create a smarter, stronger, wealthier, healthier, and ultimately, a kinder tomorrow. It was important to create an identity that was sincere and modern, referencing the founders' love of calligraphy and typographic ligatures.

Essentially, the visual identity for First Look centres around the notion of the Fearless Explorer when guided and nurtured by Mother Earth, discovers "More Opportunities and Infinite Possibilities".

To echo this, we drafted the wordmark with a playful yet practical humanist sans serif to establish a sense of unpretentious, free-spirited sophistication. The extended colour palette evokes a sense of summer and hints at the possibility of new beginnings.

Year completed: 2022
Services: Identity, Logo, Creative Direction, Landing Page
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