kinding & sage : Issue n2  | Artistry



kindling & sage is a feisty, grassroots print publication that features the voices of Bla(c)k, First Nations, Women of Colour & Gender Diverse POC.
            We worked directly with founder and editor Natalia Garcia, to articulate a unique identity for this edition of the publication, Issue no 2 : Artistry.
            For this edition, we introduced a bold colour palette that could easily be integrated into the the current branding, along with an open clear serif - Bitter by Sol Matas to complement the existing brand typefaces, for use across their digital and print publications and future communications. In addition to the identity, we designed and executed the layout for this edition.
            Our contribution through branding, design, layout and art direction facilitated a dramatic elevation to the value of the publication - in the pre-launch stage and upon launching, copies sold at over double the sale price of the previous edition, Issue no1, in a shorter period of time.

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