An emerging venture capital firm, based in London, ThirtyThreeEightyOne invest exclusively in women and diverse entrepreneurs - a sector that has typically been overlooked in the field thus far. Audacious aspirations coupled with a nurturing approach built on genuine relationships, aim to identify, build and scale ideas that positively shape our world.

A complex brief required a uniquely creative approach to understand the firm’s audience - entrepreneurs and investors, as well as the personalities and cultural backgrounds of the founders, East and West. We used these seemingly opposite qualities to highlight the complementary, interconnected and symbiotic nature inherent in this identity, through simple geometric forms, in particular, the circle and the square - the juxtaposition of which briefly references a mandala and the process of transformation.

We drew on friendly but stable typography to build an accessible system, and a design vocabulary comprised of minimal geometric forms, in bold colours. For the logo, like building blocks, these shapes are used to construct this lengthy business name in its numeral form.

Year completed: 2021
Services: Brand, Identity, Logo, Web Design, Creative Direction

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